Fuentesclaras main purpose is being able to adapt to the wishes and needs of every type of client. That has been the aim of its refurbishment: the versatility and the quality of what is on offer (from its architectural structure to the bed linen, the flow of the water in the shower, or the furniture and decoration). Tradition and modernity join in spacious rooms and shareable spaces for families, groups of families and friends, or even company retreats; and of course, quiet and comfortable rooms for couples. Last but not least, we have particularly adapted our property for people with reduced mobility.

We want you to feel great. We have opted for fewer rooms (SEVEN in total). In return we do hope that you will enjoy more generous and high-quality spaces. Please contact us, and we will take care of selecting the room and the stay that best suit your preferences.

The Caserío rehabilitation project has respected the distribution of spaces around its two pre-existing courtyards. By making access through the ‘patio principal’ (i.e.main courtyard), the accommodation area keeps the same areas and names of the original buildings: on the west side the Casa Paneras, on the northwest the Casa Gallinero , and up to the north the Casa del Guarda. The east side of the patio principal is devoted to the ‘comedor’ (i.e.dinning room) , toilets and ‘sala de estar’ (i.e. living room), and to our work areas. An accessible ramp connects the said premises internally with the secondary patio (former corral).