Caserío Fuentesclaras neither is a “casa rural” (ie. rural or country house), nor a rural hotel, nor an inn, nor a hostel. Neither are we a conventional hotel, although some good friends call us a charming hotel or a luxury country house. We certainly have a bit of all of them, that is why we have opted for the tourist accommodation whose etymological origin fits better with our primary goals of care and dedication: the guest and the hospitality.

In Fuentesclaras we seek to enhance your feeling of comfort and to promote wellness of those who visit us. Rooms, services and activities, inside and outside the “dehesa”, are available to match the particular needs and wishes of every guest.

Almost 100 hectares to find silence in less than an hour from Madrid, Salamanca, Valladolid or Segovia. In Fuentesclaras you will profit from the beauty of the best possible environment. A walk discovering the astonishing forms of the granitic rocks, reading under a “encina”, taking photos of the lake views at sunset (or why not even paint it), staring at a variety of eagles that fly over the “dehesa”, or enjoying a privileged night of stars…., will make it possible to fully relax, 100%.

Five minutes to Ávila by car, fifteen minutes if you use one of our bikes taking a rural path, or a few more if you just walk (our best recommendation, by the way), Fuentesclaras is the perfect place to enjoy an integral experience in Ávila: nature, history, culture, religion, gastronomy…

We are Raquel and Esteban (Bancho is the way family calls me). A couple that has decided to make a vital change in life to refurbish, with all their enthusiasm, an old farmhouse in the family “dehesa” of Fuentes Claras de Arriba in Ávila, thus furnishing it with a new use (See OUR PROJECT) (ver nuestra historia).

We are certain that if you share concerns similar to ours such as the family, feeling well, good friends, nature and its tranquility, you will find them in Caserío Fuentesclaras, a different kind of accommodation in Ávila, our more mystical World Heritage Spanish city.

We await your visit!