Lat. 40.684059 Lon. -4.693450

Fuentesclaras is five minutes away from the centre of Avila. The entrance to the “dehesa” is found at the roundabout located at km 140 of the N-403 called Toledo Adanero.

One hour from Madrid. Take A-6, AP-6 and AP-51, always direction Ávila. The exit to Valladolid is at km 3 of AV-20 (AP-51 renamed AV-20 encircles Avila northbound). That is our exit.

When you leave the AV-20 you end up at a roundabout, you do NOT take the first exit (that is for Valladolid), you take the second one which is the one that leads to the Dehesa Fuentes Claras de Arriba (we already have a sign), follow the path so you reach the tunnel under the railway, you go on, and reach the entrance with two huge, white casks; and then, down to the left. Before arriving to the Caserío there is a chalet, you leave it on your right, and continue straight ahead for about 80 meters to the Caserío fences. There is a moat in height to avoid the entrance of cows, you go across the moat, on the left you will find lots of open space to leave the cars among the cypresses and chestnut trees.

If you have more time, you can travel from Madrid via other routes such as the Alto del León, El Espinar, or of course, El Escorial.

Less than an hour from Salamanca, also reaching the AV-20 through the A-50; from Segovia on the AP-6 or N-110; or from Valladolid, on the A-6 or on the Olmedo road (N-601 and N-403).

And not much longer from Toledo, or Portugal.