We start our journey. October 2021.

Unfortunately we have had to amend this heading in several occasions. Firstly it was Spring 2020, then we moved to Autumn 2020; and as you can see , we end with Summer 2021. We could envisage some delay due to burocratic needs and unexpected but reasonable adversities; but not a pandemic or the Filomena storm, which caused serious damages (the icing on the cake…)

Then we must be cautious. For a certain time we mainly open at the weekends and long weekends. That is why in this initial period our reservations system will not show as bookable most days during the week. The minimum stay will be two days (or more days in certain long-weekends, Christmas and Easter). And no differences will be made between high and low seasons.

Like all general rules, this allows exceptions. If you are interested in a different stay during the week or a professional retreat, just for a day or several days, please call us or write. We will be happy to organize it.

To take into consideration.


All rooms will be ready for check in from 16 h. If you plan to arrive earlier, please give us a ring. In any event you may drop your luggage and start visiting the “dehesa” or the Caserío. We will be introducing an on-line check-in system, quicker and safer.

Check out will be at 12 h. Although you may leave your luggage with us while you say goodbye to the “dehesa” or the Caserío (it will not be easy to say goodbye to a unimaginable place.…).


Even before opening the Caserío, the PSD2 (Payment Service Directive) has changed the way in which payments are to be made, now requiring the need of a SCA (Strong Customer Authentication). This affects advance payments, cancellation policies or even the use of on-line payment interfaces by hotels.

The reservation and cancellation policies described below are aplicable to the reservations made directly with us through our e-mail, phone or Web. The reservations made through agencies or external channels may have their own policies for advance payments, cancellations, etc

If you directly phone us or send us an e-mail for making a reservation (that is, our preferred ways to be contacted, even in English), we will kindly ask you for an advance payment adapted to your concrete needs (days, groups, rooms, etc.). We will understand the reservation to be completed when we receive the requested 50% advance payment, usually by wire transfer in this route, and we send you a subsequent confirmation e-mail. Advance payment will be also asked when the relevant interface reservation and payment process be in place in the Web (50% as a general rule).

Payment of the outstanding balance (in principle 50% for the stay plus additional expenses incurred) will be made at check-out through a credit card pin terminal.

As a general rule, no total prepayments will be required at the time of the booking. Such a general rule may be exempt in the case of certain dates of arrival and/or offers and groups.

Making a booking and related advance payment implies client´s acceptance of our cancellation policy.


Up to 7 days before the scheduled date of arrival, the cancellation will not entail costs, and we will reimburse the advance payment received. As an example, if arrival is to take place at 16h on a Friday, the cancellation will have to be communicated in writing before 16h of the previous Friday.

If the cancellation is communicated less than 7 days in advance to the scheduled date of arrival, there will be no reimbursement of the advance payment received.

If the cancellation takes place, or there is no show, on the very same date of arrival scheduled, or the cancellation takes place during the stay, the full booking made will be due.

Certainly the pandemic situation makes us being absolutely respectful with all reasonable cancellations due to COVID-19 infections, restrictions and lockdowns as those already known in 2020 and 2021.


Apart from hosting couples and adults, our rooms and spaces are specifically designed for drawing the attention of families and groups. We have a large family and we love children (those supervised by an adult and well mannered even more!).

For children under two, cradles are available without charge (on request and subject to availability).

Special prices. For children from 2 to 11 years old (both inclusive) the special price will consist of a reduction of a percentage on the rates per night and room showed in the rates chart below. Please bring with you the relevant documentation evidencing their age.

If the CASA DEL GUARDA is rented by a large family of up to six (or even seven members if there is a baby) also a special price will be applied consisting of a reduction of a percentage on the rate per night for said room as per the rates chart below. According to Spanish law there are other types of large families. Please call us and we will find the most suitable way for you to enjoy a stay in Fuentesclaras. Please in all cases bring your relevant card evidencing such a large family.


  • 5% of price reduction if bringing a child under 11 years old (inclusive). Please insert “CONUNMENORDE11”.
  • 10% of price reduction if bringing two children under 11 years old (inclusive). Please insert “DOSMENORESDE11”.
  • 20% of price reduction if you are a large Please insert “FAMILIA-NUMEROSA”.


The price of the room includes bed and breakfast in our dining room, and use of the common areas such as patios (i.e. courtyards) and sala (i.e. living room) with a fireplace, piano, TV, Wifi, library and hi-fi. In addition, and in a very special way, it includes everything that the dehesa offers: enjoying the countryside and landscapes (more than 99 hectares), and the use of bicycles subject to availability.



155€ +50, Total 205€ +50, Total 255€ Bed of 1’80 X 2m (or two  twin beds), and two folding bunk beds
Room PANERAS 2 155€ +50, Total 205€ +50, Total 255€ Bed of 1’80 X 2m (or two twin bed, and two folding bunk beds
Room PANERAS 3 155€ +50, Total 205€ +50, Total 255€ Bed of 1’80X2m, and two folding bunk beds
Room PANERAS 4 155€ +50, Total 205€ Bed of 1’80 X 2 m (or two twin beds), and extra bed
Room GALLINERO1 175€ +50, Total 225€ +50, Total 275€ Bed of 1’80 X 2m, and sofa bed
Room GALLINERO2 175€ +50, Total 225€ +50, Total 275€ Bed of   1’80 X 2 m (or two twin beds), and sofa bed
TWO PEOPLE, 190€ +3RD PERSON, +60. Total 250€ +4TH PERSON, +60. Total 310€ When using the master bedroom with bathroom: bed of 1’80X2m, plus two extra beds
+5TH PERSON, +60. Total 370€ +6TH PERSON, +60. Total 430€ When using the two rooms and two bathrooms: two beds of 1’80X2m (one of them may be substituted by two twin beds) plus two extra beds

Prices from March 1st 2023

In order that you may make the room more suitable for you, the sizes of beds, bunk beds and sofa beds mentioned above are:

The double beds are all 1’80 x 2 meters.
The individual beds (including the bunks of PANERAS 1, 2 and 3) are 0’90 x 2 meters. The bunks admit a maximum weight of 85 kgs.
The GALLINERO 1 sofa bed is 1’6 x 2 meters. The GALLINERO 2 sofa bed is 1’40 x 2 meters.
The extra beds (those of PANERAS 4 and CASA DEL GUARDA) have different sizes, 0’80 x 2 and 0’90 x 2.


If a group of families and friends occupy all the rooms of CASA PANERAS they will enjoy a double advantage: on the one hand, they will make exclusive use of the common area and kitchen for the group; and on the other hand, they will have an additional discount of 5% calculated on the price resulting from the rates chart after application of any eventual promotional codes.

If, in addition, other members of the same group occupy any of the remaining rooms, they may also benefit from the same additional discount of 5% calculated as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

And if the group of families and friends occupy all the rooms of the Caserío, the discount for all of them will be 10% (instead of 5%) also calculated in the same way.

For us this is the ideal situation when your group can enjoy themselves exclusively the unimaginable place.

We are starting our long journey, but we will open our policy of discounts and offers to those who come and visit us, and decide to repeat. Friendship must be reciprocated.


The minimum stay will be two days (or more days in certain long-weekends, Christmas and Easter). Please make a call should you have any different plans or need a shorter or longer stay.


Time for breakfast will be from 9 to 10: 30h.

Regarding dinners, we do not have a restaurant service. But we do have a kitchen where food can be prepared. Then, if you foresee coming back tired from a visit to Avila or a trip to the mountains, or just after a day enjoying the nature in Fuentesclaras without going any further, and wish to have dinner, we will take care of it. Just let us know in advance. Naturally we especially have in mind children after a long day. Regarding allergies, one of our daughters is allergic to several foods. We are especially concerned with and sensible of all allergies, intolerances and dietary needs.

Dinners would be from 20:30 to 21:30h. Please call us to organise dinner 48 hours in advance. It is even more necessary during the pandemic to have confirmation in advance of meals and beverages, and also of any dietary or allergic restrictions.

Moreover, the pandemic situation may require some flexibility on the times scheduled for meals.


Our living room has been intentionally designed to allow work and professional meetings in the quietest possible surroundings: a TV screen of 65’ with wifi, usb, etc , a table for up to 12 attendees, comfortable sofas, a fireplace and patio. In this case it could be supplemented with lunch and/or dinner, or even room accommodation exclusively.


It is possible to reserve Caserío Fuentesclaras exclusively to this end.


All rooms are equipped with a refrigerator.

In CASA DEL GUARDA a kitchen may be enjoyed for the private use of clients staying in that CASA. In the same way CASA GALLINERO has a microwave with grill in each of its rooms.

With regard to the kitchen in the common area of CASA PANERAS, this can only be used when the same group or family rent out the four rooms of the CASA.

Again the pandemic situation may imply certain restrictions or limitations, specially in the use of kitchens and common areas. We thank you in advance for your understanding.


Service of laundry service is available. Please see list of prices.


Smoking is not allowed in the indoor areas of the Caserío. It will be allowed in both patios and other open areas, but always respecting non smokers.

Although toilets in common areas are cleaned and desinfected following the antiCOVID protocols, we recommend you the use of your room toilets.

During the pandemic situation the cleaning of rooms will strictly follow the cleaning and desinfection protocols as required by law. If you wish and feel safer, it may be agreed not to enter in your room for its cleaning during your stay.


From 9am to 10pm.

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